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    Gifting Insights For Today's Spouses

    " I was told you left your book at our open house on Saturday. I cannot tell you how honored and blessed I am by it. As we prepare to get married and to become a LEOW, I need this book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - Abigail Parnell, future police wife   Our desire is to offer insight, support and coping skills to every spouse and loved one of law enforcement officers. We have a big goal—to deliver His Badge, My Story into their hands. With the help of the community, back the blue supporters, foundations and organizations we can reach our goal.
    We've created G.I.F.T.S. Box as a way for you to donate 12 books to the organization of your choice. A program designed for you to easily donate books. You donate, we will deliver!
    We are in constant contact with LEO spouses and loved ones who will benefit from your generosity and support.  Every book purchased through G.I.F.T.S. will receive a sticker stating, "This book was gifted by a black and blue supporter."  These books will be distributed by us to police-related organizations and individuals who benefit from your generosity.
    Thank you for backing the blue!
  • His Badge, My Story is relatable and conversational, educational, and practical. Through Vicki’s BOLOs and stories, she offers insights for your journey ahead. You will be “debriefed” with suggestions and given “bullet points” of ammunition to help you understand and keep the faith, which will strengthen your relationship.

    This book articulates what you need to be – independent, strong, and brave enough to conquer the villain of worry and fear and recognize a gremlin, aka pitfall, should one or more surface. With an adequate amount of coping skills and your imaginary bulletproof vest, custom-fitted for your needs, you will be armed and ready to tackle the days ahead. You’ve got this!

    His Badge, My Story provides readers with a valuable resource of insights and understanding to deal with their challenges.

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